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What is Fidyah and How to Pay it in 2024?

For each day a fast is missed a person is a Muslim is required to provide one needy person with two meals to redeem themselves before the almighty, Allah (SWT).

Fidya is a religious order in the Qur’an given to those who miss fasts in Ramadan.

“Fasting is for a fixed number of days, and if one of you be sick, or if one of you be on a journey, you will fast the same number of other days later on. For those who are capable of fasting (but still do not fast) there is a redemption: feeding a needy person for each day missed.” (The Holy Qur’an, 2:184)

With Zaimah, it costs £4 per meal, so the Fidyah amount payable for each fast missed is £4. If fasting is not possible for the whole month of Ramadan, the total would be £120.

  • £4 will provide a meal for missing a single fast in Ramadan
  • £120 will provide a meal for 30 days for not being able to fast throughout Ramadan


So, what is Fidyah really?

Essentially, Fidyah is a religious donation to the poor and the needy which must be made when a fast is missed through necessity (for example ill health, travelling, pregnant, old age) and it cannot be made up after Ramadan.

Fidya must be paid for each fast missed during Ramadan. It is a religious obligation for every Muslim who has reached puberty and is unable to fast for the required number of days and who is also unable to make up for the missed fast.

How will Zaimah use my Fidyah?

All donations received through Fidyah are traditionally used to feed the hungry and the poor, and at Zaimah we are proud to honour this important Muslim obligation, All Fidya donations are delivered through our food aid programmes supporting refugees and displaced people from Syria, Myanmar and people in critical need across Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Palestine, Yemen, Uganda and Somalia.

We work closely with our partner organisations to deliver lifesaving and nutritious food packs to poor and needy Muslims living in extreme hardship.

If you have any further questions on how to pay your Fidyah get in touch with our team on 0300 365 7 786.

Don’t forget to pay your Fidyah amount as soon as possible once you know the number of days you’ll be missing so we can get it those most in need as quickly possible on your behalf!

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