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At Zaimah, we work to bring hope and joy back to a world immersed in hardships. We strive to take humanity out of the inequity and injustice which compounds to inflict the widespread suffering and poverty prevalent in the world today.

We work to save and improve the lives of millions throughout the world’s poorest countries. Zaimah is motivated by a desire to create a world in which charity and compassion bring justice, self-sufficiency and human development by alleviating poverty, increasing access to education and providing basic amenities for the needy.

The essence of our faith calls us to realise our highest humanitarian potential. No one person can do everything, but we all can do a little something. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the most benevolent of humankind. He taught us that we all have a responsibility towards the poor, the oppressed, the weak and the infirm. Imagine what world we could build if we all made a little change? To pray a little more, to care a bit more and to give a bit more too!

Meet our Team


Musaeen Qureshi

Chair of Trustees

Musaeen is Vice President at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch responsible for Risk and Control for the EMEA region of Global Markets Technology. He is the worldwide lead in managing anti money laundering technology and the futures tech space specialising in audit, risk, and compliance governance.

Musaeen has specialised in the investment banking sector for over a decade in leadership positions, working for some of the top tier-one ranked banks and financial institutions in the world including Nomura/Lehman Brothers and Broadridge.

Musaeen is a graduate in Telecommunications Engineering from Queen’s Mary University of London.

Musaeen brings a wealth of experience in ensuring robust governance and operational structures advancing Zaimah’s charitable objectives with best practice.

Jan Chowdhury

Jannathur Rahman Chowdhury


Jan Chowdhury is a seasoned Pharmaceutical Industry expert having spent over a decade leading in a range of sectors including IT, media, publishing and commercial development. Jan Chowdhury has worked with large commercial teams across UK FTSE 50 organisations and led strategic business development goals ensuring sustainability models and change management.

Jan is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s Mary University in London.

Jan comes with a strong professional network across multiple industry segments and joins the Zaimah Board of Trustees hoping to combine his humanitarian work as well as his business understanding in order to ensure clear strategic direction, controls and enhance transparency structures.

Mikail Thomas 3

Mikail Thomas

Corporate and Governance Advisor

Mikail has spent most of the last 15 years working in the energy industry, supporting high-profile initiatives in London but now more recently in Doha.

Mikail’s current role is at Qatar Petroleum as a Senior Specialist within the Business Development team where he focuses on building effective processes, controls and risk management tools as well as championing internal governance initiatives. Previously at BP in London, Mikail took lead in Commodity Risk, he drove finance, risk and process modernization initiatives for their industry-leading Liquified Natural Gas marketing & trading function.

Mikail is a maths graduate and is highly analytical, and has always been a keen problem-solver. Mikail is looking forward to supporting Zaimah’s missions and values and helping them achieve their objectives


Ridwana Wallace-Laher

Director of Fundraising

Ridwana has worked in the public sector for a decade, having started her career as a secondary school teacher and volunteering for numerous charities supporting causes worldwide.

Most recently Ridwana worked for Penny Appeal in a range of senior roles and served on the Senior Management Team. She worked closely with international partners and established their Major Donors division. As the Head of Fundraising, she was responsible for coordinating campaigns, tours, and all community fundraising activities nationally.

Ridwana is a Theology Graduate who has a passion to make change.


Inspired by our faith, a world where justice and dignity triumph for all.


Together we will create lasting change empowering communities beyond aid


Our foundation is assembled upon trust and integrity; we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards for all that we say and do. Our faith puts people at the heart of everything we do, investing in and entrusting others with the resources they need to smash the poverty cycle.

We do the right thing

We do more with little

Together we make impact

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