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Most In Need - £10 - Monthly

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Most In Need - £50 - One Off

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Custom Amount - One Off


When you donate to our ‘Most In Need’ fund, you will be giving the best possible aid and support to those who need it most. Across the 12 countries we operate in, our team on the ground works closely with local experts to create long-term, sustainable solutions that are tailored to specific communities.

In doing so, we are able to reach those who have been affected by forgotten crises. In the event of a violence outbreak or a sudden disaster that causes widespread destruction, this fund allows us to respond quickly and with immediate urgency.

It also helps us run other important projects that are in need of funding. Whether it’s building water wells for thirsty communities in small villages, or sponsoring an orphan child to provide them with a quality education and the best form of care – it all goes towards making a difference without delay.

Donate now and help us give relief where it is most in need across the globe.

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