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We all know the many benefits of giving charity. When we do good, we feel good and Allah (SWT) is pleased, so let’s share this joy with those we love!

Zaimah’s charity gifts are the perfect way to give the gift of giving to your loved ones and help transform lives all over the globe. You can give in the name of someone special or send a life-changing gift to someone in need from yourself.

Check out our charity gifts today and choose to spread the joy of giving Sadaqah with the world!


Rohingyan widows living in Makkah urgently need your help in purchasing sewing machines so that they may learn the trade, teach others and earn a sustainable income to feed their families. Some of these women are also severely ill and so struggle to earn enough for their next meal or to fund their children’s education.

Having a skill means a person can help themselves and earn some money rather than having to rely on others for help.

Donate here: A sewing machine costs £200. Donate whatever amount you can towards it inshallah.


Gift Selection

Olive Tree – £10

Plant an olive tree in Palestine for just £10, and provide a family with a reliable source of income for years to come!

Olive trees are a symbol of hope for the people of Palestine. These resilient trees grow strong even in the toughest of conditions, just as our brothers and sisters have done. The gift of an olive tree will support a Palestinian family’s livelihood, putting food on the table and hope in their hearts.

3 Chickens – £30

Give 3 healthy chickens to a family in need, and give them a way to generate an income and provide for themselves!

Chickens are a wonderful gift because the eggs they lay will not only provide nutritious food for the family that receives them but also provides a means of making money. Families can sell the eggs laid by their chickens to support themselves and supply food to their communities.

Livestock – £60

Gifting livestock is an incredible present to give those living in poverty because owning livestock can drastically improve rural life!

Livestock can help lead families out of poverty by allowing them to breed and sell animals, support their farming efforts and producing commodities to sell such as milk. For just £60 you could provide a family with animals to help end their hunger and bring them out of poverty for good.

Sewing Machine – £90

Donating a sewing machine to someone provides them with a sustainable source of income and gives them opportunity to become financially independent!

Sewing machines can help give people a means of making a living that will always be in demand. With your gift, families can start their own tailoring or textiles business to support themselves.

elchair – £120

£120 is all it takes to change someone’s entire life with the gift of a wheelchair!

Provide someone living with disabilities in the developing world with a wheelchair to give them the gift of mobility and independence. The gift of a wheelchair allows disadvantaged people living with disabilities the chance to live their day to day lives free from mobility struggles.

Zaimah’s Charity Gifts

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Give each other gifts and you will love each other.” (Bukhari)

All our charity gifts have the power to transform lives by providing practical support to our brothers and sisters around the world. Our charity gifts have been specifically chosen to support the less fortunate in places like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Somalia.

Choose from our wonderful charity gifts selections to provide a family in need with the support they deserve.

Give a gift in your name or that of a loved one to spread hope, joy and mercy throughout our global Ummah today!

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Sewing Machine for Rohingyan Muslims in Makkah

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Sewing Machines for Rohingyhan Muslims in Makkah


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