100% Donation Policy

At Zaimah, we operate on a 100% donations policy, including Zakat, Sadaqa & Lillah, which means that every single penny donated is used strictly for charity projects. Zakat is distributed strictly in line with the eight categories of Zakat-eligible recipients. 

The eight categories of people who are eligible to receive Zakat, as stated in the Holy Qur’an, are as follows: 

  1. The poor (al fuqara) 
  2. The needy (al masakin)
  3. Zakat administrators (al amilina alayha)
  4. Those whose hearts are inclined towards good, such as new Muslims or friends of the Muslim community (al mualafati qulubhum)
  5. Those in bondage, meaning slavery (f’il riqabi)
  6. Those in debt (al gharimina)
  7. In the way of God (f’il sabili-llahi)
  8. The traveller (al sabili)


Clear and Transparent Zakat Fund

All Zakat given through Zaimah is paid into a dedicated Zakat account, which collects no interest payments and withdraws no administration fees. 

Your Zakat donation will be protected in our secure Zakat account until it is specifically allocated to a Zakat applicable project, which is in line with one of the eight outlined categories above. 

Once allocated your Zakat donation will be used to efficiently and effectively help those in need. 

We monitor this account very closely, so every penny taken out is accounted for. The projects funded through our Zakat account are closely scrutinized to be sure that all aspects of the project fulfil Zakat allocation rules.

Zakat Recipients

Our Zakat projects are identified based on need and in accordance with the eight categories noted in the Holy Qur’an. When a project has been decided on and carried out, Zaimah and our partners make every attempt to inform beneficiaries that they are receiving Zakat charity. 

In order to maintain transparency for our donors, we provide you with a clear range of projects that your Zakat donations can be allocated to. We will never spend Zakat funds on an appeal or project that is not Zakat applicable.

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