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Gaza Emergency


Gaza Emergency Response

The bombing in Gaza is showing no sign of de-escalation. With your generous donations, we can provide much-needed emergency aid and vital medical supplies to treat wounded Palestinians. Don’t wait a moment, SAVE precious lives in Gaza before it’s too late.

£30 – provide emergency food parcels to those affected.

£100 – provide medicine and pain relief supplies to the injured.

£200 – provide medical kits that include gloves, catheters, cannulas and syringes.

£300 – provide blood bank supplies.

£500 – fund hospital equipment such as beds, staffing and specialist machinery.

Allah (SWT) tells us that, “whoever saves the life of one person, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind.” (Quran 5:32).

What is happening in Gaza?

Israel airstrikes kill at least 11 people in Gaza including 5 year-old girl –

Nothing could justify Israel’s attacks on Gaza, says aid worker

Gaza’s healthcare system is already stretched by 14 years of blockade and closure. Now struggling to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 surge – they are in dire need of your help.

Our response

Our team is on the ground right now, assessing daily needs and providing medical aid to those who have been wounded in the attacks, alongside ongoing support to the central blood bank to ensure humanitarian aid is delivered rapidly.

We are exerting every possible effort to best aid the Palestinians and help alleviate their pain. By equipping hospitals around the city and sending out first aid teams, we ensure Gaza’s emergency needs are urgently met.

How can you help?

As one Ummah, it pains us to see our brothers and sisters suffering for decades on end. Your donations can be the beginning of peaceful refuge for many families under siege.

Please help us deliver emergency food aid and medical supplies to those affected by the violence that has ensued.

For as little as £30, you can keep the people of Palestine fed and give them one less thing to worry about. They need you now, more than ever.

The world has forgotten about Palestine, let’s keep remembering them today.

We will always do our very best to utilise your donation for the emergency situation specified, but in exceptional circumstances, we may need to direct funds to an emergency that is most in need at the time the donation is made. Thank you for understanding.

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