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Zaimah’s Emergency Appeals

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Emergency Response

Disaster can strike at any moment. Lives could be lost, homes destroyed and entire communities reduced to rubble, but quick and efficient emergency response can make a world of difference in these situations. Emergency response saves lives.

Zaimah’s Disaster Response Teams are always ready to take action when disaster comes knocking and as a result, we’ve helped thousands of our brothers and sisters in their most desperate time of need.

Support our Disaster Response Teams as they deliver immediate relief to the victims of tragedy by donating today.

We are There When Disaster Strikes

Conflict, natural disasters, civil unrest, famine and more. Disaster comes in all shapes and forms but our Disaster Response Teams are prepared to provide support no matter what the situation may be.

Zaimah’s emergency response appeal supports people and communities that have been hit with misfortune. Whether it’s helping Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, tending to famine victims in Yemen or supporting our neighbours here in the UK, when disaster strikes we come running.

Our Disaster Response Teams work tirelessly to deliver aid and bring hope to those who have lost everything else. With your help, we can be there 365 days a year, standing in the way of calamity and standing up for our Ummah in need.

A donation of £30 a month to our emergency response fund could be the difference between life and death in times of crisis. Help protect our brothers and sisters with a donation today!

Disaster Response on the Ground

We are currently carrying out disaster response in Yemen, Syria, Gaza, and Bangladesh.

Millions of people in these countries have lived through extreme violence and hardship. Decades of famine, conflict and unrest have made the people who live here some of the most marginalised in the world. Daily life is a struggle for them, but with your support we’re distributing emergency supplies to help them heal.

We provide communities in need, like these ones, with emergency food packs, clean water, medical essentials and home support. With the help of our partners on the ground, our Disaster Response Teams assess each situation individually to assure that we are providing the most meaningful relief to the communities we serve.

Emergency Response with Zaimah

“Whoever saves a life, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind.” (Qur’an 5:32)

The Qur’an is clear about our obligations to our fellow man. We must do what we can to stop the suffering of others and prevent tragedy from spreading. Emergency response is essential to this.

By donating to our emergency response fund, you will play an important part in saving thousands of lives all over the world. When disaster strikes, your donations will be used by our Disaster Response Teams to supply emergency aid to those in crisis.

You can be there for the vulnerable, you can save lives. £1 a day is all it takes to help us protect lives 356 days a year, donate now to be a part of our emergency response.

We will always do our very best to utilise your donation for the emergency situation specified, but in exceptional circumstances, we may need to direct funds to an emergency that is most in need at the time the donation is made. Thank you for understanding.

Emergency Response - Fund - Monthly

Emergency Response - Fund - Monthly

Emergency Response - Fund - Monthly

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