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Water Charity with Zaimah

Worldwide, 785 million people lack convenient access to clean water. Drinking dirty water and lack of proper sanitation kills 1 million people each year. What’s worse, every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related disease.

These are the facts, and if nothing is done then more and more people will continue to be affected by the global water crisis we’re facing today. Clean water has the power to save lives, so let’s get to work. Zaimah will have your Well Feedback with you in 3 – 6 months, for Wells built in Pakistan.

Bring clean water to communities in Asia and Africa with a water charity donation today!

Water Charity – Wells and Pumps

Clean water can be life-changing. When families have access to a reliable source of fresh water, waterborne disease no longer poses a threat to their lives. Your water charity will provide families with safe water to cook, wash and make wudu with!

Zaimah is providing vulnerable people throughout Asia and Africa with the precious gift of clean water. By building Hand Pumps and Deep Wells in marginalized communities, we’re aiming to eliminate the threat of waterborne disease and give thousands of people a better quality of life.

Water pump charity is the key to assuring that families are safe and healthy, especially now with Covid-19 affecting so many of our brothers and sisters. When you give water pump charity with Zaimah, you’re making the health of our Ummah a priority but you’re also saving precious time for the women and children who previously had to trek for miles to fetch water for their families.

Our Hand Pump Wells and Deep Well projects are carried out in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Uganda and Somalia. Here your Sadaqah Jariyah will flow and refresh an entire community, giving life and good fortune for generations to come.

Clean water has the power to save lives, so let’s get to work. Zaimah will have your Well Feedback with you in 3 – 6 months, for Wells built in Pakistan.

Start building your well for £1 a day, and deliver hope and hydration with your water pump charity!

Build a Solar Powered Community Well

We’re building Solar Powered Community Wells in Pakistan – and you can help!

Pakistan is a water-scare country, and people are suffering because of this. Around 21 million people here lack access to a clean water source, and as a result many people turn to gathering their drinking water from contaminated sources such as broken wells, ponds or streams. Ingesting this poor-quality water can lead to waterborne disease, which accounts for around 100,000 deaths each year in Pakistan.

But now our Solar Powered Community Wells are giving the people of Pakistan a sustainable source of fresh water, Alhamdulillah! Clean water has the power to wash away worries; it changes everything.

Our Solar Powered Community Wells provide impoverished villages with an easy, eco-friendly means of drawing clean water up from deep in the ground. They supply entire communities with a reliable spring of water, with multiple access taps to accommodate the whole village.

£100 a month is all it takes to transform an entire community in Pakistan. Donate your water well charity today to give thousands of people access to clean water all year round!

Give the Best Charity, Give Water

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The best charity is giving water to drink” and he was the most generous in giving charity. (Ahmad)

Make a donation to our water charity today to help us quench thirst around the world. Our sustainable water well charity gives impoverished people living in Asia and Africa the opportunity to break free from poverty. The wells and water systems Zaimah builds are reliable and easily accessible, providing families with safe water to grow their crops, water their animals and drink freely from without fear of illness.

Let your generosity flow as the Prophet’s (ﷺ) did, by giving the best charity. Transform whole communities with your water well charity, and know that you have saved lives.

Make a water charity donation with Zaimah today!

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