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Homes for Hope – Change Refugee Lives


Change Refugee Lives

Homes for Hope

Change Refugee Lives

Winter weather brings new dangers to millions of people around the world without proper shelter, clothing, or food supplies.

This winter Zaimah will provide essential winter and food supplies to the vulnerable and those most in need in 6 countries.

Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Pakistan, Jordan & Turkey.

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood will also take part in a ground deployment at refugee camps at the Jordan/Syrian border helping Palestinian, Syrian and other UN registered refugees as part of Zaimah’s Winter Hope campaign.

To join him, please register at

Please support our Winter Hope Campaign and #GiveHope this winter.

Bedding Pack – £30

Blanket – Mattress – Extras

Food & Clothing Pack – £50

Rice – Flour – Salt – Sugar – Noodles/Pasta – Lentils – Chickpea- Oil – Tea – Flour – Hat- Scarf- Gloves- Jacket- Sweater- Coat- Shawl

Full Winter Hope Pack – £100

All of the items mentioned above from the Food, Clothing, Bedding Packs & an additional Winter Fuel voucher for Diesel Heaters, which will ensure they can keep the Heaters running.

Every year, too many people lose their lives because of subzero temperatures, and all it would have taken to prevent them would have been a blanket, a piece of warm clothing, and most importantly, the warmth and love of someone’s support.


Registered Charity Number:  1150725 

(At Zaimah, we operate on a 100% Zakat policy, which means that every single penny donated in Zakat is used strictly for charity projects that are in line with the eight categories of Zakat eligible recipients.)

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