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Coronavirus Emergency Response

A devastating second wave of Covid-19 has swept through India, overwhelming their health care infrastructure and causing a widespread shortage of oxygen, hospital beds and medication.

Recently, India has recorded the highest daily number of Covid-19 cases at 362,757, bringing their total infections to over 17.9 million. More than 200,000 people have passed away due to this deadly virus and millions more are in grave danger.

The people of India need your support to make it through this pandemic. Donate now to save lives.

Support our Disaster Response Teams as they deliver immediate relief to the victims of tragedy by donating today.

Covid-19 Second Wave in India

This second wave of Covid-19 is tearing through the country, leaving the poor and vulnerable to suffer without proper medical attention. Hospitals and medical centres are overcrowded and experiencing mass shortages of life-saving medication and oxygen supplies.

Patients have been turned away from hospitals, and families of the sick and begging for help from the government and from NGOs. This new strain of Covid-19 has overwhelmed India, leaving more people to fall severely ill for longer periods of time.

Zaimah and our partners on the ground are delivering emergency medical support, life-saving oxygen and nutritious food packs to the victims of this pandemic.

Donate now to help us protect our brothers and sisters in India. They need you now more than ever.

Send Support to India Today!

Here in the UK over 46 million vaccinations have been distributed and even more are expected to roll out soon but in India only 10% of the population has received their initial vaccination.

Millions of vulnerable people are in danger right now but a quick donation from you could be the difference between life and death.

£30 could provide struggling families with a food pack that feed them for an entire month, allowing them to socially distance and stay away from crowds.

£100 could supply vital medical support to those most in need, providing them with treatment that could save their lives.

£1,000 could provide the people of India with life-saving oxygen concentrators. These devices provide infected patients with a supply of enriched oxygen, which is absolutely essential in their fight against Covid-19.

Send your support to India today to help thousands of vulnerable people survive this vicious second wave of coronavirus.

We will always do our very best to utilise your donation for the emergency situation specified, but in exceptional circumstances, we may need to direct funds to an emergency that is most in need at the time the donation is made. Thank you for understanding.

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